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I am using billion dollar satellite technology to find Tupperware cans in the wood. And what's your hobby?

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... to my website. I hope you will like the new design.

From now on I will put new articles here on more or less regular basis. I will write about this and that and chat a bit about what I experienced. This may cause the one or other funny or serious story and I hope you will enjoy it.

This page is still under construction and it may happen that I will change some things. I also plan a separate user area with exclusive rights for you so you also can publish the one or other story. Lets see how I will instantiate this.

So please feel free to visit my site more often to discover something new.

Yours Stephan


At the beginning I promised to write something new from time to time, but nothing happend. Shame on me. But it is like that when to much work...

But soon I will have some holidays... on Sardegna. My daughter and I want to finish Our diving course that we started last year. I am already really excited about this. Maybe we can take some nice pictures.


My wife gave me a voucher for a hoto workshop as a present. After participating, I bought a brand new DSLR. To take photos is really fun...

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